Our very own ukulele

I rejoined my local Buy Nothing Group this week and have gotten some pretty awesome things already. I got two bags of lovely fabric with a sweet backstory, which we picked up yesterday. Today we got a ukulele.

I saw the post yesterday and I gave my reason for wanting to be considered. I said:

I would love to put my hand up for the ukulele please 🙂 I discovered the kidlit artist Emily Arrow that turns children’s stories into songs and she plays the ukulele. So keen to learn to play music for my children both at home and the ones at work (childcare)!

I like hearing why people want items because it’s just so much nicer than having a “yes please”. Today I got picked from a random generator and the owner happened to be coming home early so Clover, Iris and I went for a walk.

It wasn’t far but it was so hot! We’d been indoors all day and I hadn’t anticipate the 7 minute walk to be a scorcher. Never the less we made it, chatted a little and brought our newest little dude home.

I couldn’t resist taking a selfie and happened to stand by the bin room. One persons trash is another persons treasure right?

I hope Emily Arrow Sheet Music will be back on sale soon! She is after all my inspiration for learning how to play.

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