What would you like to eat?

Birthday week has officially started.

Back to back balcony picnic meals of date scones for merienda then nachos for lunch then a dinner of egg rice with Chinese sausage surprise.

I’ve been contemplating on what I wanted to do for my birthday and kept coming back to square one. I knew I wanted to hang out with the fam, that’s a given. I want a waste free picnic by a shaded playground and apart from that I kept changing my mind. I wanted to go for a road trip but then decided against it. I suggested a day of op shopping but that didn’t seem fitting as I’m in current “let’s sell things” mode over op shopping.

I then tried a different approach and thought of things I do like to do. And I always came back to “but that’s what I already do”. And usually the simplest answer is always the best. I like to eat (more accurately have Tim prepare and cook so I can indulge in eating), hang out with the kidlet and my boy and my parents. I like the idea of not spending anything, of preparing yummy food and having a waste free meal. And so that’s what we’ll do oh my actual birthday.

As tradition stand we celebrate birthday week, mainly mine. The other day I kept teasing Tim as to what he was going to do. And him being him cane up with a pretty neat idea. He was going to cook all my favourite meals. I mean he cooks delicious food any day of the week but it was cool to think about all my favourite Tim made dishes.

Bring on the week! And to many more of these photos where Iris set up the selfie stick as an tripod, told me to put my phone on it and lined up the photo just right to take the shot.

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