We all the same

Nene delivered some pasalubong for Clover and Iris. For story time, Clover chose we read Hauhalo Espesyal story by Yvette Fernandez and illustrations by Jill Arwen Posadas.

It is such a beautifully written book and boy did it make us crave Filo sweets. I particularly like imagery of “the sun moving lower in the cloudless sky over the field of sugarcane.”

When we said what made us all smile the three of us (Iris was already asleep) all said reading the story. Clover beamed and said “we all the same!”

Let’s follow

Clover, Iris and I went for a walk around 3:30 today. They both heard a fire truck and insisted on wanting to see it. So we walked past the joint Emergency Services where police, fire trucks and SES vehicles sit and wait.

The sun was hot and we took refuge in the slither of shade as the two of them looked through the window and commented on everything they saw. They had giant sips of water and we were off. We took a Pitt stop at Vinnies before heading to the shops to exchange a gas bottle for our soda stream. As we walked on we heard sirens.

We watched the fire truck turn the corner, park and a few fire fighters made their way out. Clover turned and grinned asking why the truck was still running. I asked her if she thought there was still a driver and she nodded enthusiastically. We watched for a little bit and walked on to find some shade and watch a bit more.

As we crossed the road and headed past the Emergency Services again Iris piped up and asked if we could see a fire truck. I said we can see them all parked. Moments later a fire truck started driving into the garage from the back and Iris goes “lets follow!” I said we could watch it park. As the truck found its spot the fire fighters waved at us and flashed the lights.

They disembarked and Clover goes “they’re putting on their inside shoes” as the fire fighter took off the protective gear and indeed swapped shoes. As we stood their and watched the front garage doors were opened and two firefighters were beckoning us to come in.

Firefighters Des and Tim asked if we wanted to seat in the fire truck. Clover quickly chimed in and said she had to which Iris goes “me too”. We sat in the passenger seat as firefighter Tim gave us a tour of the equipment, adjusting his comments depending on what Clover and Iris said. As we got off we had a chat as firefighter Des went to get the kidlets a take home pack each which they both eagerly accepted.

I asked them their names after which they asked Clover and Iris. She said she was Zoe and Iris said “Mama Zebra”. The firefighters couldn’t help but smile but took the names seriously.

It’s so lovely how genuine and friendly firefighters are. We thanked them for their time and their work. It was nice to chat with them and I’m so glad Clover and Iris get to see these brave men and women in action. Knowing just how approachable they are, I know our children will be safe.

10 years ago

10 years ago today Tim and I were one night away from owning our first home.

One year ago we were in the process of selling our first home. Everything was ready, #sellingijong was all styled and ready to go. We had a photographer coming in a few days and waiting to hear from our agent to see if there was anything we needed to do (there wasn’t). Within 9 days, we had 31 visits from two planned viewings (over a long weekend) and 15 contracts issued without asking and that was just the beginning.

It has been quite a year. I don’t think I’ve given myself the chance to really process it all. Yet.

As I type this I’m sitting on the couch in our second temporary space since moving out of Braddon. We have an amazing view, not only of our surroundings but also overlooking the construction site of our second home.

I very much miss you

Clover and Iris had a sleepover at my parents house last night. Just before bed tonight we read a couple of stories.

Iris sat on my lap and at one point turned around and goes “I love you mama. I miss you” then she turned to Tim and goes “I love you dada”. We both told her we loved her back and then she went back to listening to the story.

As Iris went to bed, I finished my dinner and Clover comes up to me on two different occasions and says “I very much miss you” and “I missed you mama”. I told her I missed her too and gave her a cuddle.

The way they both said and looked as they shared their feelings with us was so sincere it just makes me melt.

Only pretend hurt

When I asked Clover what happened she smiled and said “she got hurt. But it’s only pretend hurt!

Clover found this medical tape a while ago and it just kept reappearing. She used it as normal tape, tape for our Christmas tree and lately as bandage for anyone who is hurt.

Feels like 40

No matter what app you look at the consensus is that it’s hot.