Taro latte and a day in the city

The kidlets spent the day with Tim’s parents so we headed off to the city to do some errands. After a few minutes of being in the car I said I was hungry and Tim turned to a side road and we tried Blind Dove. On the window they had a Taro latte poster. I was sold.

We went to Muji in search of a clock. Clover told me there was a cuckoo clock, which indeed there was. Maybe one day. We wandered around because hello it’s Muji. I’ve always loved Muji, the simple and beautiful design and all the organisation options. We have our eye on a low dining table that looks divine. And it’ll fit in our space now. But we shall see.

As I walked through the store I did realise how perhaps I have outgrown wanting Muji supplies. Then I realised all the frosted plastic and as nice as they are to look at, they’re still plastic and I’ve come to appreciate having my things out in the open to be used than tucked in a drawer hidden from view. So perhaps my fascination to own has diminished but I can appreciate how ordered everything is.

Then I found myself in the children’s section and all the clothes are so lovely. These yellow socks are the sweetest, they even have space for you to write the child’s name. Genius! Alas apart from school socks I’m yet to buy socks so trying to keep that up. So no socks or clothes purchases for anyone.

Tim and I then divided and conquered as he went to the bank and I went in search for tumble shorts for Clover for school. They didn’t have any and enroute to Tim I stopped at Homebase and Oxfam, for old time sake. The shelves of Oxfam were bare and I sensed they were closing and not just moving. I was right. I chatted to the friendly sales assistant and sadly the rent is too much for the business. Such a shame because Oxfam is pretty awesome.

It was my go to place in the city when Clover was asleep in the Tula or stroller as a toddler then Iris as a baby. It was the only shop I went to where I bought something. I basically bought out their rectangle baskets I used in lieu of trays from when Clover was a newborn. It was the where I bought their baby books, chocolate (for presents but mostly to eat). So much to offer.

Today I bought two hacky sacks that I’ve been eyeing to help with throwing and catching. And a pair of bells that ring beautifully. Perfect for Zumbini.

Muji and Oxfam were basically the only places I would want to go to in Civic, mostly to browse. But perhaps that chapter is finished too. It’s been a year since we sold Braddon so it seems quite fitting.

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