Time to get my study on again

It’s the second time Iris and I were out in town today. We almost didn’t go both times, as I have the tendency of staying in on Saturdays. As Tim did the groceries the three of us parked in the playground, I got comfy and took out my pencil in desperate need of sharpening and my workbook.

As I answered a question, I looked up and saw Iris (not for the first time) trying to get up on the horse. She half heartedly asked for my help knowing what my answer would be. I said with full belief she had it in her to give it a go. She gave a good go, over and over again. The moment she swung her leg over, sat up she beamed. Smiled proudly at herself and started bouncing. I love moments like that.

I realised I was literally answering something about child development that I accidentally laughed out loud. It’s neat having assignments and theory that relay real life. It’s why I study what I’m interested in at whatever is going on in my life.

I go in waves of study. Sometimes I’m full steam ahead then lose momentum. I’ve completed three, currently proof reading one to submit this weekend and I’ve started the other six. I tend to jump from subject to subject depending on my mood. Mostly I do them by pair (usually by accident), my attention span isn’t the greatest. I’ve found though that ironically doing this has helped me answer questions a lot better.

What am I studying? I’m doing a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. I have until December to complete it but I’m keen to finish it much sooner. Apart from needing the qualification to work in the field I wanted to finish it so I could study some more. I was toying with the idea of doing my 3-6 Montessori training to round up my existing 0-3 Infant/Toddler Diploma from NAMC. I was even contemplating doing some sort of Elimination Communication training or (once again) my Certificate in Breastfeeding Education. As I do my study and as interesting as it is, I’d much rather be filling my time with other things.

I want to free up time to spend with my creative, chatty and full of life children, I want to watch episodes of Steven Universe from the beginning, finish Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, wait in anticipation of the Good Place to come back and find new shows to watch with Tim. I want to make time to sew, to blog, to edit. Right now I do have time to dabble in all of those things. I just want to free up time that is currently being used with the pockets of study time I steal from early hours in the morning or snippets in between looking up as the kidlets play.

I’m getting more confidence again with being at home, with doing housey things and I’m feeling less overwhelmed. I’m finding a balance and rhythm with work. I’m figuring out a way to not be so exhausted yet exhilarated after a full week (two days) of work. I’m enjoying packing lunches, morning drop offs and I look forward to when I can do picks up more regularly than every other week.

I’m excited at finding more space both in my mind and in time. In a way it’s more motivating to study than anything else I’ve tried before.

I have a hashtag on Instagram called #timetogetmystudyonagain its fun looking at what I’ve done. I’ve also quickly recognise how much I’ve changed and how and why I do things now may have very similar foundation my motivation is different. My priority has shifted.

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