7am sew

Last night I went to bed disheartened about my sewing endeavours. I was quite proud of how I’m finishing the seams then I hit a snag. Literally. I had two more inside seams to finish on Clover and Iris’ nighties. Then my sewing machine went on strike. Tim said we could go to the sewing shop first thing but I didn’t want to “waste” our day.

So this morning, once Clover and Iris we’re ready for the day I attempted to sew. It was 7am and clearly in a much better headspace I was able to fix the two problems I had. Huzzah.

I’ve done Clover’s dress except the hem and Iris’ is very close. Hoping to do some tomorrow but I also feel I can’t keep delaying study. We shall see. For now I’m really into this sewing business. Plus scoring endless supplies of fabric is really motivating.

This sewing project is the first that doesn’t have a pressing deadline. It’s the third dress using the same pattern I’ve done and I can’t wait to do more. And next project is for me!

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