It’s time to rest

From the start Clover was never a fan of sleeping or napping. As a baby I spent more time helping her take a nap then her actually napping for 20 minutes. At night she would go to bed with no fuss then come out moments later with something to share or needing a drink or had a sudden urge to tidy (she most likely gets that from me). I thought she was procrastinating, perhaps she had FOMO, but in reality she just needed a way to unwind.

The other day I gave her a mediation I made up on the spot. At first she was saying “my eyes don’t need to rest!” She wasn’t protesting just commentating. She still got up once I was out of the room. The next day she laid and listened and her breath slowed down but she was still awake when I left.

Last night I stayed and observed, her eyes, although closed were darting back and forth, it was as if she was trying hard not open them. I kept going with the mediation until her eye movements slowed down. Her breath too slowed down. She was asleep.

So for the past week I would say goodnight to her after I sang three songs and she would ask “mama you’ll still say those words?” The words were the meditation, which changes depending on how she lies down and usually just what comes to my mind. Last night I started to put my hand over hers, that seemed to help. Twice now she’s asleep by 8. Although the meditation changes there’s a constant phrase I say. I tell her “it’s time to rest”. And she does.

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