Smilies or Smileys?

What is the spelling of smilies?  I don’t actually know. Or does the word even exist?

50 days ago, I started writing about three things that made me smile about that day, I’ve tweaked the layout, added pictures and now I write the smilies the day after it happened. Why? Because over 50 days ago I was struggling to find things to smile about. I read motivation blogs, talked to a counsellor, spoke to friends, took photos and still ended up in a cycle of “I know what used to make me smile”. I got a little sick of it, so I wrote a list

It felt really good to write this fifteen list of things that make me happy, here and now. After that I felt a spark and decided to write three things every day. Now for most days there is more way more than three things to smile about, but I wanted to stick to three. Because some days it’s hard to find even one (usually I’m clouded by a sky of urkness that I can’t seem recall what happy thing happened that day, luckily I have my hubby, my light to help me remember). 

So here I am, 50 days later and I want to keep going. It’s keeping me in the moment, it’s helping me write better (I hope!), it’s giving me a routine and a reason to smile when I wake up every day.

What’s something that made you smile today?

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