Smilies 50

A few smilies from yesterday…

  • Slow paced – Hubby’s dad came just as we arrived at the airport (he’s flight was super early), which meant we didn’t have to hurry through our list of touristy stuff straight away. We headed home first, had breakfast at I think 9:30 (none of us had eaten). We took it easy, got pressies from home, always super fun! Then we walked down to the highway, showed the sites and caught a jeep to Silay. Taking it easy, doing as the locals do and just doing everything in a slow and steady place. No rush whatsoever. Ah province life.
  • Silay – We wandered around the streets of Silay, around the plaza, the church and Balay Negrense then headed to El Ideal and Cafe 1925 to eat drink and eat some more. Silay is a very cute City and oh so neat! It’s such a nice and relaxing place and the houses really do take you back into the history of the island.
  • Sunset – We headed up home because a) we saw what we wanted to see in Silay b) it was hot and c) we weren’t “due” to our next destination until sunset. After we freshened up, got rehydrated and chatted a bit, being Rileys, we of course all took out our macs and interwebbed it up hehe. We then almost didn’t go to the Ruins because it started raining, but typical of here, it only rained for maybe 15 minutes and then it stopped. We caught a trike, yes all three of us, with me hanging on for dear life at the front (towards the end of the ride I realised I only had to sit at the very edge of the trike instead of trying to prevent myself from slipping). Anyway! We caught a jeep to North, walked a bit then caught a trike to the Ruins. It was post rain so there weren’t as many people around. We wandered a bit, took photos, copied a group next to us trying to jump then one of the staff folk (the same as what we had last time) came by and ended up taking not just one photo of us but what felt like 50. Not sure what we’ll do with all the photos. After all the jumping, smiling and posing, we sat at the cafe, facing the ruins and waited for sunset. Holidays rock!

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