Smilies 51

A few smilies from yesterday…

  • Meet the coworkers – We spent the morning wandering around Talisay, showing where my dad went to school, where he lived and where his parents worked. Then we visited my two offices, my bamboo hut office and my office next to the slaughterhouse office. First stop was at the Eco Center and I was so happy my two work “moms” were there. Then Angelo took as around the place, which was very lovely and I swear it’s the most I’ve seen him talk! Then we went to the Micro Lending Office where Ritchel chatted to us for awhile. It was great being able to show hubby’s dad where I work and who I work with.
  • Caught in the rain – We headed into Bacolod and had some coffee at C’s, one of our local coffee joints. We hung about, wified it up then caught a cab to the Negros Museum, without realising it was actually closed doh! So we stood on the porch waiting it out, but it actually just got worse. In the end, hubby braved the rain and hailed down a second cab to take us to SM. I’m not a fan of SM, it doesn’t have a lot to offer and it’s always way too noisy. Or perhaps I’m just not that into malls. So we ended up walking up and down the aisle of the supermarket. Luckily, by the time we finished, it had stopped raining, the sun came out and we went and explored the lagoon, plaza and the funny looking church.
  • Matt’s chocolate cake – Oh so yummy! We had the special cake from Kuppa, where you have to wait 20-25mins for it to cook. We shared it between the three of us, and although we probably could’ve had one each, it was better we shared. Because even my small third gave me sugar overload! But man, it was worth it. Also the name makes me smile because my soon to be nephew, Matt will be greeting us, oh so soon 🙂

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