Smilies 47

A few smilies from yesterday…

  • Playing hostess – Hubby’s dad is coming to visit us next week and we’re so excited! And I do enjoy playing hostess and planning activities. So I texted a couple of my friends and said, this is where we’re going, what can we do there. After about two hours of going back and forth via text messages (yay for free texts), I had a list of places to explore. Which of course also meant I couldn’t sit still for the rest of the day because I was super close to being on holidays.
  • Clicking – I have two offices, and in one of my workplaces, they are very shy towards me, I don’t really know why. But for some reason, there was just two of us in the office and I started asking her places where we can take my father in law. We ended up having a good long chat, full of girly giggles (who by the way is the only one close to my age, the other ladies are around 50 years old) It was so nice to have a conversation! I do love talking. I asked her about places to visit, things to do, and she kept showing me pictures, giving me ideas of where to go and it was just so nice!
  • Kingdom Rush – Hubby introduced me to this super cute, well designed fighty fighty game on the iPad. It really is adorable, the sounds effects and the simplistic nature of playing makes for an enjoyable, slightly addictive experience. A few weeks ago, my brain was getting tired and I had about three hours to fill before hubby finished work, so I played this game. I managed to pass the level he was on then got stuck. Big time. Life happens and I forgot about the game. Then, before bed, I found myself with a tired brain and the iPad called to me. So I attempted this level again. And after what felt like many many tries, I was so tantalizingly close to finishing. Before I knew it, hubby stopped his blog writing and helped me kick butt on the final obstacle. Nothing like team work and me squealing every two seconds to get the job done. I’m actually no where near the end of the game, but it’s so satisfying being able to accomplish the level teehee.

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