Smilies 48

A few smilies from yesterday…

  • The body wants what it wants – Every other day for the past maybe six weeks I’ve woken up with some kind of aliment, whether it’s a migrane, a sore throat, a dry cough, the sniffles, slightly woozy or a combo. It doesn’t last very long, but I never feel like getting out of bed. So I caved in to what my body, head, nose and throat wanted and slept in. I still woke up feeling a bit drowsy and not 100% but I felt that my body thanked me for giving just a few extra moments in bed.  
  • Book skeleton – I was sitting in Starbucks going through the myriad of things I had to do. I worked a little, I studied a little, I read a little and I played (Kingdom Rush) a lot. But one thing I did start working on was the skeleton of this book I’m thinking of writing. I got it out of my head and onto my trusty little green apple notebook. I had chapter/post titles and I had a started to see a pattern, it was becoming a reflection of me as supposed to just my observations. See being here has be an eye opener for me, more of an insight to me then anything, and it’s something I want to share. So instead of letting the thoughts and ideas go around in my head I started formulating the thoughts to paper. And I want to use this blog as an outlet, as a draft and as place to experiment my book.
  • Post massage – Hubby and I got massages after dinner and boy oh boy my “light” aromatherapy massage was the most painful massage I’ve ever had. It got to the point I was silently yelping and that it was just so comical. I had a good ol laugh in my head and just had to debrief post massage with Hubby. Ah good times. I smelt really nice though so that’s cool.

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