Smilies 46

A few smilies from yesterday…

  • Flexibility – So, for like the fourth time this past fortnight, I’ve been suggested to work from home due to bad weather. And the weather has been bad, we’ve had glimpses of the sun that tease us for a few moments in the day then she decides to go laugh and hide behind the rain clouds. I was very grateful for this arrangement and I’m such a huge fan of flexibility.
  • Sort of deadlines – Something that I’m slowly getting used to is the business of  ”sort of deadlines”. For the past week I’ve been having to prepare everything for my launch proposal for the possibility of a meeting with the big bosses. I wasn’t sure what time the meeting was, whether or not they were meeting me or what “everything” actually meant. But I finished the proposal, the only way I know how, in writing down every micro detail, every task, every reason and every possibility. I was very proud of the proposal, it was structured, detailed and just plain awesome. In the end I didn’t meet with anyone, I didn’t hand in my proposal and I’m not really sure what’s happening. But that’s okay. It’s all finished now and I can on holidays knowing that my part {for now} is done.
  • Good grub – It’s so nice that we can wander down Lacson St and find such yummy food. We {finally} tried Mu Shu, an Asian fusion type cusine. Man soo good! I had Beef Rendang and hubby had Pumpkin Stew and we both had orange Singapore Slings. All for the low price of around $13AUD. Good feed, good price.

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