Fifty two weeks and five days old

This weeks highlights:
Clover turned one! She’s a very confident walker, babbles, yodels and sings, dances to any beat and is such a cheerful, helpful, grinny toddler.

We started the week with unintentional decluttering. Clover loved the random piles of stuff I was sorting. She would pull things out of boxes, examine them then give them to me or scatter them around the house.

On the night before her birthday she started what has been a week of midnight wake ups. We were all a little tired and just took the day slowly. We went into Braddon and Clover had her first cows milk while we ate a yummy snack to celebrate. In the afternoon my parents, Greg, Jacob and Matt came and plenty of cake and giggles were shared. That night the three of us did the Montessori birthday thing and it was so nice to reflect on the night she was born.

The next day was a Nene day so by the Clover got dropped off I had a parcel of new to her clothes which included a skirt that actually fits. On Wednesday we bussed to UC to pick up a wooden toy, then to Civic to buy a bookshelf which I put together as Clover tried to help. Then had a sudden desire to get her party supplies ready, which again was eager to help out.

Yesterday she was quite difficult and very fussy so I decided to head out for lunch. Had an afternoon of errands which included buying her drinking station and picking up a potty. That night she was so excited (as we all were) to try her potty.

Today was full of errands once more and getting ready for tomorrow and packing. Clover would entertain herself by climbing and sitting in the suitcase, decorating our floor with her clothes and moving her potty in and out of the bathroom.

My favourite Clover thing is whenever she sees Tim and I hug she makes a sound, comes up to us and hugs our legs, patting it ever so gently then wait to be picked up. Her smiles and laughter are contagious and the way she raises her arms to be carried is too hard to resist.

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