The C-Loop

Today my c-loop package arrived…

Which is great timing because I’ve signed up for the joy of LOVE and it starts tomorrow! “It’s a free 28-day class is based on the other finding the joy classes” organised by Willette. I’m so excited! Not that I need to ever have an excuse to take a photo of my boy of course. I’m hoping this will reignite my creativity and get me back in to taking photos. Mind you I have been using my iPhone to take photos of EVERYTHING, which means I neglect our SLR and the good ol point and shoot (unless we’re on holidays).

That brings me back to the c-loop (the camera strap mount solution). It’s the first item that I backed on kickstarter, which by the way is such an awesome website and a great way to support one another! The c-loop is such a nifty little gadget, and even though I’ve only had it on my SLR for a few hours, I know it will make taking photos easier. 

Combining the c-loop, the joy of LOVE classes and {Kim Klassen Cafe} Photoshop Skinny-Mini eCourse that starts in a couple of weeks, I can get back to my passion of photography. Because let’s face it, sometimes I need that push! Should be an interesting ride. I do love that moment where I take a photo, and go yup that’s the shot!

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