52 Lists – Make

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Week 13 – List the things you want to make

At first, I had a really hard time coming up with this list because I can’t physically make things and carry it with me around the world. Then after giving myself two seconds to mull it over, I realised I
did in fact have so many things I would love to make, and I even came up with a handful of stuff I can make now. So here I go, my list of things I want to make:




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  • A book – either a physical book, ebook or a “how
    to” guide, I just really want to make a book! I want to see my photos in
    print again, I want to share my thoughts on travel, planning, organising or
    even compile a book about our wedding. But most importantly I want make a book
    about finding the joy and giggles in my life (just like this blog!)
  • A cafe on wheels – in Hong Kong I was fascinated by this
    little café, Teakkha, serving the best tea and sweets. It was so gorgeous and quaint
    that I wanted to take it home with me. When we were in Adelaide I was exposed to
    the world of food vans, trucks, carts and bikes.
    I want to make a little cart that attaches to a bike so I can tow it around town selling paleo sweets and tea. I’d ride my pastel coloured bike through the streets, perhaps even ringing a little bell as I peddle-and-pedal along.
  • Sweet yummies again – I can’t wait for Eat Drink Paleo
    Cookbook by Irene Marci
    to come out! I
    want to make all sorts of cheeky treats (sweet paleo goodies), and who knows, maybe this will be the
    kick in the butt I need to start my cafe on wheels?
  • More short films – inspired by the 30 Day Filming project, I took on Hailey’s
    and Sue’s challenge and filmed every day. The plan was to turn the footage into
    a short film under 2 minutes but even though I missed the deadline for the competition, I’m still determined to get back into editing!
  • An assortment of things for our home – we have a small
    enclosed semi outside space in the front of our apartment that needs a little
    love. I want to make a cute white painted sofa made from pallets and then top it off with some darling cushions (do I attempt to make it myself?) After that thought nestled into my brain, I thought
    of other DIY tasks, I want to turn one wall into a chalkboard or maybe even a giant magnetic wall.
  • A little area for my crafty projects – where I can make
    plastic stitched bags, magazine coasters or jewellery, perhaps sew a dress, crochet a scarf or even convert shirts into
    . Then I can finally re-wear my freebie t-shirts (the ones I score from conferences/doing a
    flashmob) which are always too big for me. Speaking of clothes, I really want
    to make more room in my closest by having less stuff and tackling the project

Once I got started on this list I realised the possibilities
are truly endless and not all things need to be handmade. A few ideas I
thought I could “make” in the digital world are a scrapbook, an iBook, a
recording, a game or even an app and one day maybe an ecourse. So many things
to make!

This week I will make a short film (which I’ve just finished
editing and ready to share with you next week!)

What is on your make list?

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4 thoughts on “52 Lists – Make

  1. love the way you have your list laid out, first of all! super cute :3 definitely agreed about the book- writing is my lifee 🙂 and that cafe sounds lovely- a reason to visit Hong Kong all by itself!



    1. Thanks Tatiana, that’s very sweet of you to say! I’ve only recently gotten into writing, but loving it to bits. And yes, if you’re ever in Hong Kong Teakha is definitely worth checking out 🙂


  2. Hi there! I found you through the 52 Lists site. Your list is absolutely adorable! All the things you want to make seem really amazing. I would love it if there was a cute tea pedal cart in my neighborhood!

    I made my list, but now that I am reading the lists of others, I realize that there are SO many things I want to make! I am mostly excited to make my studio space my own & make some plans for fun spring time adventures with friends!



    1. Hi Sarah,Thanks for dropping by and for your lovely words 🙂 It’s great that the 52 Lists site is providing a way for bloggers to connect and inspire each other. I love it! Your idea of making your studio space your own sounds awesome, would love to see how it turns out.


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