O Week

Today Clover had her first O Week. We attended a session where she met her teachers, met a handful of classmates and made herself at home in the room.

She’s been so excited about going to school it’s quite contagious. When arrived our session hasn’t started yet. A couple of children came and started using the play equipment so she asked “can I go play?” The way she said it and how her eyes lit up was just so endearing.

She smiled and happily played as I held her bag in my hand as we sat and waited. As the doors opened, I went to get Clover as she followed another child in. She fitted. She made her way to the (wooden yay!) kitchen and started serving tea. Her and another child placed their teapots in the freezer (ice tea ftw) and she kept on doing her thing.

I caught Clover’s eye as she was heading towards the assistant teacher. She waved a broken piece of the stove and told her teacher it broke and showed her where it belonged.

She’s got this.

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