In search for muddy puddles

I put my hand up for a bundle of fabric someone was giving away on Facebook. I had a lovely conversation with her and she gave me tips on nearby playgrounds. So after we picked up the gorgeous fabric or “sew” as Clover calls it we visited the recommended playground. And boy did it deliver.

We left home just as the rain passed by. We heard thunder, saw lightening and Clover and Iris were so excited they put on their boots and jackets on their own accord. I said we should take their shoes if they wanted to go the playground, but mentioned it might be too wet. When we did get to park the grounds were damp, seats were wet and I forgot their shoes.

When we arrived, Clover spotted a muddy puddle, ran to me to give her hat because she wanted both hands free and headed to the puddle. She slipped and landed palm down in the puddle unexpectedly then quickly moved onto the playground. She excitedly told me the slide was wet and Iris explored the different equipment, running, climbing and sliding and for once I was glad I forgot their shoes. Clover came over and asked to eat so we sat down, had our merienda before they were off again.

Clover slid down the pole, for the first time. She’s been wanting to go down poles for as long as she’s seen them. We’ve never helped her go down but never discouraged her for wanting to go down, so I was a little in awe that she did it on her own. Just goes to show they will do things when they’re ready.

The playground is surrounded by giant rocks which was awesome. Clover spotted a puddle on top of one of them which she was so excited to “splash” her boots in. Iris preferred to use her hands.

Iris did her fair share of climbing (and falling), she too has no fear and confidently climbed and crossed the bridge, when she was ready.

It was pretty cool to see how much they enjoyed themselves. I love that we have two children. I too enjoyed watching them, they’re their own person, they know what they want to do, know only they know when they’re ready. Days like this is why I do what I do.

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