Nature tray

Today we started a nature tray, inspired after a visit to the Wetland Treasures – School holiday program at the Jerrabomberra Wetlands.

The 90 minute session included a very engaging discovery table, meeting Tucker the turtle, a walk to spot birds, creatures, poo, turtle nests and discovering what certain plants were. Then we headed back inside for a fruit snack and a story.

Clover was very interested in the discovery table wanting to touch everything where as Iris was more hesitant and opted for the soft toy animals instead. They both loved the turtle and Iris asked the ranger “how do we get it out?” Later Ranger Mel did take it out as Clover and I patted the shell and Iris looked on.

Our walk consisted of a path slightly winding through the trees with a couple of small look outs. Clover happily joined in with the other children, paused and looked eagerly when we Ranger Mel had information to share. We stopped every now and again to inspect a seed, poo or a leaf, what it looked inside, how it felt (not the kangaroo poo which Clover said was green because of the grass) and their purpose. Iris likes to listen to the ranger whilst staying by my side until she wanted to karga.

As we headed back for morning tea the younger members of the group (Iris included) were done. She would pipe up every now and again, semi joining in before sitting down on the grass as the others looked at the turtles nest.

As we washed up and went back inside platters of grapes (which Iris has been wanting since yesterday), apples and bananas were getting ready to be eaten. Clover and Iris happily sat down and munched away. A story was read as the children listened and ate. The session ended and the room cleared out. Clover and Iris were the last the ones to leave, reading the books, checking the animals and looking through the discovery table again.

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