Another year over

On Sunday Clover took down our Christmas tree…

It was fun making our Christmas tree this year. We used paper I found at Jerra, thread that was probably pilfered from Nene or Nanay or Tatay’s sewing kit and post it notes from Nene’s stash that was added to fill in the tree. Clover made the star using our second hand triangle metal inset, tracing it one way then flipped it over and added another point. The tape is actually medical tape from who knows when that manages to pop up when it’s needed the most.

The felt trees on the cabinet were made from felt I got in a secondhand (though new) stash I got for $10 (which included the precut serviettes I made) and the magnet was taken off a giveaway we got from the Emergency Services Open Day.

It’s true what they say you really do have everything you need at home to make awesome things.

Before the tree came down on Jan 6

Clover wrapped presents on Jan 4

Christmas morning
Christmas Night

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