It’s just water

What started out as exploring the mini fountains with their hands turned into running through them over and over again.

Clover spotted the fountain first as we sat down for dinner. With time up our sleeves she asked wide eyed if she could go. I said yes. She walked down beaming catching the water with her hands, careful not to get the rest of her wet. She stopped the water completely then ran to the next one to do it again.

Enter Iris. She walks straight through a stream, then another and another then she’s drenched and is laughing at the joy of it all.

It doesn’t take long until they’re both walking through (Iris) and stepping around (Clover)  the fountains.


Tim and I looked at each other. It was one of the moments that one could stop the child but instead we followed our children. In that we didn’t stop them from running around, giggling and getting wet. It is just water after all.

Location: Honeysuckle Harbour front, Newcastle

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