A break indeed

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a family holiday. We’ve spent a couple of nights away and an over night stay here and there but it’s felt like we haven’t had a getaway that wasn’t tied to an event (wedding/concert/birthday).

Since I started working the whole concept of annual leave had reintroduced itself into my life. For these Christmas holidays all I had to take was the 31st off, switch the 24th and hey presto I was off from the December 20 to January 7. We decided to have a staycation as accomodation is super expensive this time of year and my family being 10 minutes away we thought we’d chill at home. And by chill I mean Tim programs, I start several projects, attempt to study and mainly organise and the kiddos do their thing.

On my first day of holidays Tim texted and said we got an invitation to go north. Excited by the change of plans I said let’s do it. And so we did. We left home on Boxing Day stopped near Newcastle for the night and then headed up to Coffs Harbour via Port Macquarie.

We’re not really car people so patience don’t last long in the car. The kids get it from me clearly. So we stopped a couple of times on each leg and I must say it’s quite nice travelling with two little humans. Their priorities are not that dissimilar to adults (food, water, toilet) but they also have this abundance to find joy. We stopped at Port Macquarie and they walked up and down giant roots of the tree, mesmerised at out at the jetty (photo above and below) then looped themselves in and out of a circular bike post.

I’m glad we were able to have this impromptu break. I’ve been told it’s well deserved and you know what I believe them.

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