30 by 30 Completed

Eight months ago I wrote my 30 by 30 Update giving myself the deadline of tomorrow night to complete my list. I did all but one! Not bad πŸ™‚

  1. Meditate with a Zen master βœ“
  2. Live in California βœ“
  3. Start something that lasts βœ“
  4. Go all natural βœ“
  5. Eat tapas in Spain βœ“
  6. Sangha-hop in 6 different countries βœ“
  7. Teach children English βœ“
  8. Follow my advice to prospective students (find what I’m passionate about) βœ“
  9. Learn a language βœ“
  10. Only own 100 things that spark joy βœ“
  11. Go to Europe βœ“
  12. Volunteer in 12 different food related places βœ“
  13. Live in the Philippines βœ“
  14. Spend a whole day just walking (or a coffee hunt) βœ“
  15. Be part of a flashmob βœ“
  16. Produce a book βœ“
  17. Make an app a system βœ“
  18. Simplify our home βœ“
  19. Travel overseas with a luggage weighing only 10kg βœ“
  20. Grow a herb garden human (x3) βœ“
  21. Teach my nephews daughter Plum Village songs and maybe also Zumba βœ“
  22. Take care of something -> Myself βœ“
  23. Go to my name βœ“
  24. Do 100 pushups βœ“ Do 50 push ups in a row
  25. Visit 25 15 (I’m pretty sure I only meant 15!) of the most liveable cities in the world (according to Monocle) βœ“
  26. Travel around the world without dipping into our savings βœ“
  27. Touch my toes while sitting down <– Having two pregnant bellies since writing this to do prevented me from completing this, and I’m okay with that
  28. Attend a conference βœ“
  29. See cherry blossoms in Japan βœ“
  30. 30 films in 3 years βœ“

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