This toddler dress

This is now my favourite Clover dress. Their nan found it at her local op shops and posted it over to us. I was so excited for Clover to wear it.  

  1. The pattern is so fun and not kiddy at all. It’s vibrant and full but not overstimulating or have unnecessary embellishments. 
  2. The long sleeves are stretchy and can be pulled up easily.
  3. Apart from the press studs at the back she can put it on herself and the one sided pattern helps her know which way is front. 
  4. It’s a great for in between seasons. It’s light enough not to get too hot but warm enough for the cool Autumn breeze. 
  5. It can be a dress or shirt. It’s the right size for Clover except the length, so yay for leggings.

As a bonus it’s Desigual and man they make awesome clothes! 

I put it in the dress basket of her wardrobe for her to find. This morning, after she got dressed with Tim, she showed me her dressed. I asked her if we could take a photo for Nan, she agreed and our mini photoshoot began.

M: Where shall we take it? 
C: My room
M: Sure, where abouts in your room? 
C: White wall.  

I don’t ask her to smile or say cheese as I like the candid shots much better. It’s funny how she stands with her back right up against the wall, pauses for a moment before laughing or smiling then wanting to see the photo.

If I were to minimise her clothes (even more) this would definitely make the cut. I’m very particular about clothes especially when it comes to dresses. I’m for letting clothes be clothes and allowing the child to do whatever they want to in what they wear. Clothes should be made if good quality that lasts, easy for a toddler to wear themselves and something fun that they can grow with not something that is designed overly stimulating or unnecessarily “kiddy” (or mini adult style).

I’ve contemplated sewing them clothes and I know one day I will. For now I love the different avenues I have to find clothes for both kids. In three years I’m yet to buy anything new (that’s doesn’t fit in my stringent checklist) it’s opened my eyes to a world of different brands and I get to trial the quality and taste at a very low cost if not free. Secondhand love is very addictive. 

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