Today Iris started swivelling! She’s been following our movements by turning her head, and recently you can just tell that she wants to move like her Ate Clover. On Monday she rolled off her blanket and onto the bamboo floors. She inched forward slightly, discovered that she could grip onto the floor and slowly learned that dropping her head on the hard surface was not a good idea.

She was watching us eat lunch today and making sounds suggesting that she wanted a change of scenery. I asked her if she wanted to go straight onto the bamboo, to which Clover replied “yes” for Iris. After vacuuming and mopping the floor I placed Iris on her back and like a ninja she was on her belly. Clover was still eating and I moved my chair then ended up on the floor so she could watch us both. Didn’t take long for her to start swivelling. She did a 180 and at the beginning she did favour one side, she realised she could move in both directions, usually trying to chase Clover.

The Development of Movement - Stages By Dr Emmi Pikler  
The Development of Movement – Stages By Dr Emmi Pikler  

Her movements remind me so much of Dr. Pikler’s The Development of Movement – Stages Iris really did go from turning her head, to practicing moving her hands, turning on her side, on her belly, turning back and yes she has spent many a day lying on her belly so cool! 

It wasn’t until Monday that I realised how limiting her blanket was. She needed a surface she could grip and slide on. She can go backwards on her blanket or bed, plus pivot, but being on the bamboo floors just gives her a bit more speed and she clearly enjoys it.

One of my favourite things about this season is watching how she discovers movement for herself. All I need to do is give her the space and time to do that. So much fun!

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