Eighteen weeks old (yesterday)

Eighteen weeks old. Home.  
Eighteen weeks old. Home.  


  • Iris rolled herself off the living room rug and onto the bamboo floor pivoting towards Clover.
  • She grabbed the rattle that her Tita Olivia gave Clover when she was a baby.  
  • She semi sort of inched forward and her determination is awesome.
  • Normally a silent laugher, she literally LOL’d when Clover did something that clearly amused her.


  • Saw Hidden Figures at Palace with Tim. We got front row seat and Iris hung out on her blanket. She was more interested in us then he screen. The crawling baby next to us was fascinated with her.
  • We have a new markets to go to complete with a giant mushroom playground and squishy floor so next time Iris can lie down on her blanket.


  • The first two feeds for the day are on lying down feeds which are fabulous. I can have a mini rest/nap. Even with a toddler bed I fit in nicely and with their new rug I can roll off without making a sound or hitting the bamboo floors.
  • Tim cooks us delicious Happy Body Formula meals which means prep is ao much easier. Iris is starting to tune into our eating times so getting food ready one handed is a bonus.
  • We needed over the mattress mattress protectors and Baby Bunting was having a sale (that place has always scared us). We got Iris a Tripp Trapp ready for when she wants to have solids/can sit up on her own.


  • Matt and PJ came over for lunch. It’s cute seeing Matt and Clover interact it’s like a glimpse to what Iris and Clover will be up to.
  • Nene and Toto took Clover while we went to the movies and they came back and laid about with Iris as I pottered about tidying.
  • Friday is family and errands day. We opened up a bank account for each kid and in return they got rooster piggy banks.


  • The cold continues but it seems to be disappearing. We moved her floorbed into our room temporarily. 
  • Iris had her four month shots on Friday. She got both needles in at the same time. She yelped and had a concerned Clover watching her. Her Ate and Dada gave her a cuddle then she had a feed.
  • She’s dropped almost two percentile so I’m trying to encourage more feeding to boost her energy. As a result 3am feeds are back. We’ve made an appointment to see the GP because I didn’t know nurses didn’t do the same check ups as MACH nurses (makes sense and oops!)


  • I’ve heard of hygge and didn’t know much about it. After listening to a podcast I was intrigued. When I read this blog post from Alex at Hygge House I was like wow this is me. I was go, go, go and when I’m not, when I slow down and be present all is well in my world. How she describes hygge right here is what I crave and feel. It’s what I’m doing more this week and loving it.

…hygge requires consciousness, a certain slowness, and the ability to not just be present – but enjoy the present. That’s why so many people distill ‘hygge’ down to being a ‘feeling’ – because if you don’t feel hygge, you probably aren’t using the word right.

  • I’ve always had difficulty in doing nothing but when I do “nothing” I’m the happiest. Watching the kids, being with them and dropping whatever I’m doing (chores) is simply delightful.
  • Dropping study and volunteering has allowed me to embrace hygge and has freed up space to get my creativity flowing. Wins all round.


– My favourite Iris thing is how she just lights up when she interacts with Clover (and vice versa) so adorable!

Behind the scenes  
Behind the scenes  

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