Day One – Sparkle

Sparkle /spɑːk(ə)l/ verb: Shine brightly with flashes of light.

Every time we visited Nanay at the hospital these past few months Clover would light up that spark in Nanay’s eyes. The very last time we saw Nanay awake, a spark seemed to dance between the two of them. That night Nanay fell into a deep sleep. As reality set in among the rest of us Clover stayed true to herself. She wandered around, smiled, giggled and rearranged things. One of the nurses commented that she lit up the whole ward. It was so lovely to hear and it was so very true.

She’s a sparkle, a glitter and the light whenever it’s needed. It’s her super power. But it’s not her responsibility. It’s her glow and her essence. It’s who she is and the spark she exudes is contagious. She keeps me in the moment. She always has, even when she was in my belly.



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