Thirteen months old

Thirteen months old. Scots Creek, Adelaide.

After having a quiet day at home for her first birthday, we spent the week getting ready for her weekend celebration, stayed at my parents place for a week before heading south. It’s highly convenient how Clover manages to make herself at home wherever she is.

From drinking cows milk to “using” a potty to dropping down to one breastfeed I guess in retrospect it could seem like a big month but in all honesty it feels normal. So much has changed but we’re still us.

We’ve spent the last three weeks in Adelaide hanging out with Clover’s Nan and Pa. She’s entertained us all with her cheeky grins, constant need to move, enjoyment of food and love of birds.

She no longer toddles but walks with confident and ease. Sometimes she gets a little too excited and semi face plants. She likes to sweep the back porch and explore the garden. When she stumbles, she picks herself up with no fuss and attempts to dust herself off by wiping her hands.

Her Nan has taught her heaps. My favourite is when she whispers “aark” when she enters a dark room, just like her dada did when he was her age. She goes “ahh” after a satisfying gulp and goes “tsss” when she knows there’s a hot mug nearby.

She’s grown taller, her hair is slightly longer and her smile is just like her dada’s when he was little. It’s beyond adorable!

#planetclover #howoldisclover

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