49 Items

Getting ready
Getting ready

I’ve done quite a bit of op shop hunting here and they’ve been mostly book finds. It’s been really fun and predictably addictive, but as a result it won’t actually fit in our luggage to take home. Fortunately my mum is coming for a conference and just happens to be in search of a new suitcase. So yesterday we bought her a new four-wheeler carry-on luggage on sale.

The packing nerd that I am, I took on the challenge to make my Clover purchases fit. I’ve been documenting how I pack when we first headed off for our round the world tour of awesomeness in 2013. I’ve always wanted to film how I pack, but have had to use shot by shot apps and it was just too time consuming, enter Hyperlapse. I’ve been using it for Clover films and thought I’d give it a try.

The packing list:

  • 13x onesies (Clover’s no longer on onesies!)
  • 2x shirts (pressies from her Nan and Pa)
  • 6x dresses (more pressies)
  • 18x books (secondhand goodies, a good chunk are pressies)
  • 4x books for me (because I can’t resist child development books)
  • 4x wooden puzzles (3 sets are secondhand, the other is a market find)
  • 1x pair of baby Havianas (a thrift store find)

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