Coat hangers

Back home Clover has yellow velvet child size coat hangers that I found on eBay before my ethical shopping time. It’s nice, simple with a metal hook. It fits in the non plastic home I strive for.

We’re in Adelaide for the next few weeks and we have ample storage and hanging space. I’ve organised our drawers using our packing cubes and Kon Mari styled Clover’s clothes. What I didn’t think of were her jackets, jumpers and “can wear again” clothes that need to be hung. I tried to use adult size ones and that failed.

So when I went to woollies yesterday I was pretty happy to find these coat hangers who support the Afford Australian foundation of disability. It made the fact that it’s plastic and manufactured in China somewhat okay. It’s just impractical to try to strive for 100% all the time.

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