A teeny potty

Look who made pee pee in the potty today!

A couple of months a go I discovered “toilet learning”. It was something I kept at the back of my mind that I thought I wouldn’t need for ages. But recently Clover has been showing more and more interest when we use the toilet.

She would whimper if we head to the bathroom without her and dramatically open the door to announce her arrivals. I started placing one nappy on a lower shelf with her change mat (a foldable ikea material one) and she would sometimes drag it out to me proudly. When I changed her next to her floor mirror I noticed she would watch what I was doing and look at me for confirmation.

These were signs to me. And as I scanned a buy swap sell group a lady was selling the cutest (practically new) training pants. I ended up chatting to her and she too was a Montessori mum. I was excited. She had a potty and a ladder happy to give them for free. I was a bit reluctant at first as I had in mind this biodegradable potty but when the mum said that her daughter just wasn’t interested in the potty, it never occurred to me that a potty may not even be used. So a free one couldn’t hurt.

I took them home, sanitised the potty three times before showing Clover. Her face lit up. She attempted to sit and raised her arms out to me so I helped her sit (clothes on).

I looked up toilet learning again and came across the four stages. I was pretty stoked that I was right on the money with the first stage. And since we’re totally relaxed about it all there’s no urgency.

Last night I was getting Clover ready when she wandered over to her potty and sat down fully clothed. I showed my parents the video I filmed (of course) and my mum mentioned I could try giving her nappy free time pre bath. So today I did that.

I moved our changing station to the bathroom and gave Clover free reign. She walked in circles and was happy. Before we headed off today I changed her, got a new nappy, turned nd saw her standing with both feet in the potty. I went to pick her up and saw a sparkle of yellow. I was ecstatic. I’m normally very calm when she does anything fabulous as to not scare her (ie. Standing up on her own, walking etc). But this took me by complete surprise. I yelled out to Toto who came up and saw whole Clover was wondering what was going.

Pretty amazing stuff.

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