Today at the op shop

I got to a sort through three boxes of baby/children’s donated clothes. But I just couldn’t bring myself to use the pink and blue hangers. I used up everything else and the glittery fairy floss pink and baby blue hangers were all that was left. So I went to the front of the shop and was relieved that hangers were being used as hangers. So I went to the back and hung clothes though still avoided pink for the dresses and blue for the non girl clothes. I may have a problem.

I got to use the scary price tag gun thing and by the end I got the hang of it, but it’s still somewhat scary. Another first I did was to pack food parcels, and we all know how much I love to do them. And I only came home with three bottoms for the Clover for $1

How awesome is it that I’ve found a gig that basically combines my favourite aspects of volunteering? I get to sort, order, price, compile, find bargains and in learning more and more on the inner working of the Op Shop. Not only do we help the local community but have sourced an orphanage in Africa to donate children and women’s clothing and shoes. And many other fascinating facts so watch this space.

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