Meet Clover

On the 20th August 2014, I wrote to my best girl friends about our little baby, today I want to share it with you.

Guess what ladies? You’re all a Tita now!

Tim and I are proud to present our little baby, Clover May Sinay Riley. Born naturally at 10:02pm on Sunday 17th August at the Birth Centre, Canberra Hospital. She weighs 3.1kg and is 49cm. She’s doing perfectly and just got home this evening after being in hospital for a few days because I had to be stitched up (labour and birth itself was beyond amazing and went very smoothly).

I went into pre labour around 4:30am on Sunday morning. Got a couple of hours sleep until I decided to just go with it. The contractions gradually built up and by 6pm Tim called the midwife for a quick home check up and as since I was in established labour I was 3-4cm dilated! She recommend we stay at home to labour and meet her at the Birth Centre (Canberra Hospital) at 10pm. However around 8pm I had the urge to push and Tim called our midwife, told us to go in and we got to the Centre just before her, our student midwife and the birthing bath was just being filled. She checked me out and I was fully dilated!

I went with the contractions, tried different positions and got in the birthing bath which was amazing! Tim got in with me and helped me through the contractions (as he had done beautifully all day). I may have gotten too comfortable as my contractions slowed down. We got out of the bath and I went on my knees on the bed leaning on a tower of pillows as I birthed our baby. Tim even managed to see her little head! With literally a few pushes, Clover was caught, given to me and we sat in awe of our little baby.

The reason we’re still in hospital is because I had to get stitched up but recovering slowly and man the staff here are incredible!

The past 60 hours have been a wave of the unknown but going strong and our beautiful baby makes it all worth. It was and still is truly unbelievable that I’m a mama!

Can’t wait for all of you to meet her!

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