Day nineteen – I live here

Since buying this bookshelf early last year, the intention was always to have the lower shelves for the baby. And now, with Clover becoming so mobile and adventurous, she’s already using both of her allocated spots. The rest of the shelves have been okay but lately, it’s been getting a tad cluttered and becoming too much of a dump zone. So today I tidied it up, swapped the iPod Hi-Fi for our little jambox and only kept things that we’re reading, using or what we find beautiful.

One of my favourite things to do is continually reassess the different areas of our home to make sure their function and purpose stay true to what we want, that it aligns with our minimalist and simplistic nature and for Clover’s things, to have a Montessori touch.

In addition to the living room, I took on the study and Clover’s room. I feel lighter, better and enjoyed it a little too much!

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