I was reading the book I found at my parents place as Clover read hers. As I turned the page, Clover sat up and quickly scuttled towards me. Paper is her latest must have object. I took the opportunity to read it out loud to her but she just wanted to turn the pages.

So I found a gorgeous KL sketchbook and started to read it out loud as she turned the pages. The drawings were phenomenal and the hand written anecdotes makes it the perfect picture book. Clover loved the feel of the pages and staying true to her name the first picture she reached/scratched was a coffee shop.

It got me thinking about baby books and just how important tactile elements are. Clover has a soft book that makes noises and I recently introduced a small hard book. I know she’ll master opening the little book but I do wonder if there are any other options. And so now I smell a project brewing 😉

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