Unravelling 2015

Today I started my Susannah Conway’s Unravelling 2015. I made myself a cup of tea, went up to the office, opened the French doors and just as I took photos of my set up Clover woke up. Normally I would be a bit bummed about not even getting started but one of the instructions in the booklet says to “let go of expectations” and so I did.

I got Clover, placed her on my lap, retook my photos and asI started writing, she wanted a feed. So I did. When she finished, I put her by my side to play as I wrote down my most my most memorable day of 2014.

Bringing her into the world with Tim was hands down my favourite day, moment and occasion for 2014. I can remember everything and as I replay it in my head, I can’t help but smile and giggle at just how truly beautiful it was.

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