Trapped in the elevator

Clover and I got stuck in a lift today and the strange thing was, I didn’t panic. I pressed the emergency button and waited. I finally got through to security (after being hung up on), attempted to explain my location to a disgruntled worker (who hung up just as I was saying I had a five month old baby) and waited some more.

Despite the short tempered receiver of my request to be let out, I wasn’t really that concerned yet. Then Clover started to stir. I explained what was going on and began chatting and pull in faces as she lay strapped in her pram.

Then I realised I forget my water and hat so I had no way to cool her down. So I blew softly on her face and she smiled. Her trust and faith in me gave me strength. She kept me cool.

When we did get out I headed straight to the nearest eatery, drank water, ordered sushi and laid Clover on the couch. I then fed her, held her and she was her smiling, bubbly self. I honestly think her magic powers is to keep me calm.

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