Parental Unit

Our parental unit came!

Before baby, I was determined to use a normal bag partly because nappy bags were big, bulky and ugly, unless you were willing to spend lots.

I’ve tried a bunch of different things to carry our baby things when we’re out and about. I’ve tried a normal shoulder bag, a backpack, a shoulder bag and totes. I even caved and bought a a never used second hand nappy bag (used it twice before I sold it again and a pre loved nappy clutch (again, sold it for what I bought it for.

So when Tim showed me a review for the Tom Binh Parental Unit I was sold. Then I saw the video and I just had to get it! For one thing it had compartments which I was just what I needed.

As soon as it came I unloaded our baby (and my mama things) straight away and now everything has a place which I’m pretty stoked about .

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