The sun room

We have two balconies in our home one at the back and an enclosed one at the front. Since we moved back in last February, we’ve been using the front space aka “the sun room” as a temporary storage space at it bothers me.

Whenever I feel like I’m making progress, I end up just reorganising what’s in there. What makes matters worse is that the sun room looks out into the common area and is a thoroughfare for our neighbours and people essentially see our clutter.

I’ve sorted, donated, discarded and sold a bunch of things but there’s still more to go. So I’ve decided to make it my mission to have it at the state I’m happy with (hopefully decluttered) in two weeks.

I do enjoy going through everything, photographing what I can sell and even posting an ad up on Gumtree or Facebook. My problem is setting a price. I know what price will sell but I up it a little “just in case” and I think it’s time to let that go.

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