Bamboo, the forgotten material

When I was pregnant I mentioned (maybe too much) how I was looking into the organic route for the baby and how hard it was to find bamboo stuff.

Since then, my mum has taken on the challenge and bought us a super soft and sweet bamboo linen which is awesome because I’m way too stingy to actually buy it myself. We now have a nice little collection of just what we need.

It’s pretty awesome how keen my mum is to get things that we want and actually use. A part of me has been a bit scared of what people would give us as we do things quite “differently”. For starters we try to live simply and have minimal possessions. I’m so determined to continue with this lifestyle as our little baby grows up.

So it’s heart warming to know just how much my parents are on our side, no matter how “different” our choices may be.

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