The year we travelled

In 2013, Tim and I spent 306 Days travelling to 11 countries and here are the 12 albums, 749 photos at what our year was like.

As Tim continued to work, I volunteered, meditated and blogged. I helped with the inaugural One Billion Rising Adelaide, learnt how to massage folks with alzheimer’s in a retirement home and put together food packages for 2nd Harvest Japan, taught English in Vietnam, became a bread runner and delivery assistant at Feeding Hong Kong, sorted and counted produce at the San Francisco Foodbank, helped out with social media at the Zen Centre, prepared and served food at shelters in San Francisco and picked tomatoes at the Plum Village farm in Bordeaux. In between that I met the sangha in Tokyo, where we did mindful walking in a cemetery and had a day of mindfulness overlooking the mountains changing colour. I meditated with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh at a week long retreat in Hong Kong, then did yoga and mediated on his deck during the Youth Retreat in Bordeaux. I attended a sangha meet up in Vancouver and sat in on various zazen activities in San Francisco. 

We saw the cherry blossoms in Tokyo, visited a coffee/dragon fruit/other fruit and vegetable farm in Vietnam, joined Project Open Hand iand walked in the Pride Parade in San Francisco. I attended my very first conference called Euru Camp in Berlin where I learnt to code. Ate our way through tapas and wine in Spain and stayed in a Tuscan villa (which has always been a dream of mine) in Italy.

For our holiday stints, we did a mini weekend getaway in Da Lat, Vietnam and stayed in very relaxing and cosy place. Our short stay in New York was a little overwhelming but we did get to see Mama Mia on broadway which was pretty cool. I then fell in love with Helsinki and was inspired to redo our apartment back home in a simple and minimalist nature. We took an unplanned trip to the UK to help out a friend at the Reasons to be Creative Conference then topped off our trip with a holiday in Spain and Italy. Four weeks of relaxing, sight seeing, coffee finding and of course eating.

Can’t wait to do it all again 🙂

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