My ideal day

I’ve signed up for Susannah Conway’s Find Your Word and the first task is to think about my ideal day. I’m yet to listen to her audio (which I’ll do after this) but it got me thinking.

My ideal day would include no computers, do nothing and have the two of us nap with our little baby. The thought sounded so appealing that I decided to lie next to our four month old as she napped on her floorbed in her room. A few minutes later Tim came in to check in on us and it didn’t take much convincing for him to join us.

So there we were, lying on our sides with a sleeping Clover between us. It was beautiful. We dozed off for a bit as the fan sang, the classical music played in the next room and the shades closed, blocking out the summer heat. I couldn’t help but smile. I giggled to myself thinking just how easy it was to have my ideal day/moment.

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