16 Weeks

Sixteen weeks and four days old.
Sixteen weeks and four days old.

Clover and I sold a bunch of her baby things this week. We started off by saying goodbye to her gorgeous cradle and her portable carrier that we used for sleeping and picnics early on. It gave me a burst of energy to sell the rest of her baby (and our not so baby things). We sold our upright Dyson and one of our poang chairs. It’s strange how it made feel like I was actually achieving something.

It was good timing too as I ended up having a rescheduled counselling appointment with my social worker so I was pretty excited to tell her about what I’d been up to. Since it was a last minute reschedule, Nene wasn’t able to hang out with Clover so she delegated Toto. When he came over, Clover did her normal stare off then pretty much got all excited just like her grandpa, so off they went to her room to chat and giggle.

On Friday I was very much looking forward to the Birth Centre Picnic but sadly didn’t make it as I just wasn’t up to it. Hopefully we can go next year and I really want to get my hands on the calendar! On Saturday, I had my first post baby outing (that didn’t involve errands) and went to “Ladies afternoon tea” with Elaine. There was a keynote speaker who spoke about time management, flexibility and getting things done. I smiled in my head as I have been implementing her techniques for years, which was pretty cool.

When I got home, we attempted to give Clover the bottle for the first time. She was not a fan! Though she did lap up a bit from her shot glass. We’ve been meaning to figure out how to express but never got around to it. But since we were heading to the movies the next day, we needed a feeding fall back option. Tim and I headed of to watch Interstellar and it was such a strange feeling being out of the house sans baby. Clover on the other hand was hanging out with my parents and the three of them seemed to enjoy themselves between naps. Such a social butterfly that she is an hour later, Clover attended our church picnic all decked out in her overalls.

The new week brought on Giggle and Wiggle with her Kuya Matt, discovering she likes to turn in her grow bag (a lot) and I found a new setup for tummy time (the usual bathmat underneath her nana made quilt and a flannelette wrap for scrunching, bunching and spitting up on). Clover’s now starting to reach for objects (just) and can grab her toes for a couple of seconds then laughs about it.

We ended the week by getting all dressed up for the Icelab Christmas party. Clover made a cameo at Parlour before heading home with my parents. She fed, then sat comfortably on her dad’s lap as she played with the table, pushed cutlery on the floor and stared longingly at the tapas. An early sign for her love of food perhaps.

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