Week 37 – Winter Melon

Image courtesy of Cute Fruit
Image courtesy of Cute Fruit

Our little baby’s now the size of a winter melon. Now full term and the hulking little baby can come any time in the next four weeks. Pretty exciting stuff!

This week I dove into a bunch of mama health and mental check ups and feel like I’m back on course. I had a counselling appointment on Monday to check in and had thoughts I’ve let incubate for the week. I’ve meditated, pondered and feel a little wiser. 

I went to my UC GP who said I had pleurisy which is not as bad as it sounds but makes it hard to laugh!

I attended a Calmbirth Support Group Session which was more akin to dharma sharing and just what I needed. Then today we did our last workshop which was day two of Bringing Baby Home which was lovely and emphasised just how much of a team we are and will always be. 

I started volunteering, Zumba and prenatal yoga again but my ever growing belly tells me I will have to start slowing down even more. 

In between the check ups, I caught up with friends, baked a cake, took it easy and making the the most of this thing they call nesting (to me it’s just normal day to day laundry). 

The baby is stronger than ever and doing head spins and the odd hiccup or shimmy. 

That’s all for now!

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