Week 36 – Honeydew Melon

Image courtesy of Cute Fruit
Image courtesy of Cute Fruit

Our little baby’s now the size of a honeydew melon. 

This week, I finished my studies (Cert IV)! All while I recovered from being sick. And poor Tim was so sick he lost his voice! I think this is a sign for us to get all of our sickness taken care of so we’re fully charged by the time the baby comes. 

Our midwives visit on Monday was fruitful and informative. I do love listening to the baby’s heart beat  The baby is practically engaged and I now imagine them doing head spins instead of somersaults. I think he/she is getting mighty excited because there had been a lot of strong kicks/pushes/hulkiness, causing my right rib to feel quite tender from the inside. 

We went back to Zumba last night and the teach said I was mobile! It’s really hard to sit/stay still these days and swaying is just so comfortable. 

We had a lovely little gathering last weekend and messages of love are being sent left, right and centre. I’m feeling very humbled and blessed. 

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