Week 30 – Cabbage

Image courtesy of Cute Fruit
Image courtesy of Cute Fruit

Our little baby’s now the size of a cabbage. This week we learnt about active birth, labouring positions and the first two stages of labour. The visual aids and home birth videos were fascinating. 

On another note, I discovered that I can no longer zip up all but one jumper/jacket. So after resisting for 7.5 months I caved and Tim convinced me to go shopping for clothes. Shopping is so not my forte (I’d rather spend money on food) but we came home with a bunch of comfy stretchy clothes (I’m too small for maternity clothes) and an exercise ball. Yay for sales and bright non closeable cardigans 😉 I can now stop stretching my current minimalist closet. 

And finally, the baby has decided that all hours of the day and night are good times to dance, jiggle, be a teeny hulk and generally popcorn away.

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