Attend a conference

I’ve never attended a conference so when tickets went on sale for Eurucamp, I jumped at the chance. Partly because it happened to be set on our first weekend in Berlin but mostly because it was a Rails conference, which meant that Tim and I could both go. I signed up to be a “significant other” which I thought meant tagging along for the activities (mainly food related), but as it turns out, I got to go to every single talk that I wanted to check out. As a bonus, I signed up to take part in the Rails Girls Beginners Workshop and felt very lucky to get a spot. It was a pretty laid back conference, on a lovely summer weekend by the lake. There was scheduled down time so we swam with the swans, met lovely people and just took in the atmosphere. The Rails community are so welcome and accommodating that it didn’t matter if you’ve done Rails for years or just starting out. The perfect place to dip your toes in. Can’t wait to keep coding!

30 by 30 number 28 done! 
Completed in August 2013 in Berlin, Germany.


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