Spend a whole day just walking

On our first weekend in Tokyo, Tim and I decided to spend the whole day just walking. Our first destination was to Bear Pond Espresso, which was a bit of a walk for our place, but it was the perfect weather to just take our time. After we enjoyed our coffee, we set off and went down alleyways that took our fancy, gravitated towards residential areas and generally avoided the crowds. On route to the train station we found a little cafe called Me me me tucked away with the a simple sign directing foot traffic. In between finding places to review on Decaf Sucks, we took it in turns to stop and take photos, we were like little kids exploring our surroundings. It was such a lovely way to spend a Saturday that we’ve turned it into a bit of a habit as we continue on our 306 Days Round the World Tour of Awesomeness.

30 by 30 number 14 done! 
Completed in March 2013 in Tokyo, Japan.

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