30 by 30

Inspired by the idea of a life list from Simple Mom, I started writing my own, but realised quickly that the prospect of having to think about everything I wanted to do was a little daunting. I needed boundaries. Then Teresa at ChiGarden posted her 30 [things to do] before 30 update and the spark to write my list was reignited.

I turn 30 in March 2016 so I have two and half years to finish it off. I decided to have my 30 by 30 list start last year, because it was a new stage in my life and I felt happy with the things I accomplished by the time I was 25. 

I’m excited to take you along on this journey as I tick off my 30 [things to do] by 30.

  1. Meditate with a Zen master ✓
  2. Live in California ✓
  3. Start something that lasts ✓
  4. Go all natural
  5. Eat tapas in Spain 
  6. Sangha-hop in 6 different countries – 1 to go! So far: Japan, HK, Canada, France, USA.
  7. Teach children English ✓
  8. Follow my own advice to prospective students (find what I’m passionate about) 
  9. Learn a language 
  10. Only own 100 things
  11. Go to Europe ✓
  12. Volunteer in 12 different food related places – 4 more to go
  13. Live in the Philippines ✓
  14. Spend a whole day just walking (or a coffee hunt) ✓
  15. Be part of a flashmob ✓
  16. Produce a book
  17. Make an app
  18. Simplify our home
  19. Travel overseas with a luggage weighing only 10kg ✓
  20. Grow a herb garden
  21. Teach my nephews Plum Village songs and maybe also Zumba
  22. Take care of something
  23. Go to my name ✓
  24. Do 100 pushups ✓ Do 50 push ups in a row
  25. Visit 25 of the most liveable cities in the world (according to Monocle)
  26. Travel around the world without dipping into our savings ✓
  27. Touch my toes while sitting down
  28. Attend a conference ✓
  29. See cherry blossoms in Japan ✓
  30. 30 films in 3 years

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