Happy Paleo Granola

I love granola, I really do. Whilst in Vancouver, my cousin fuelled my love for granola. Everyday we would have strawberries, half a banana, a few spoonfuls of granola and a dollop of yogurt or two. After coming home I found that my bowl breakfast (specially prepared by Tim) was just too much for my little tummy. So we googled for paleo granola but most of which needed a Vitamix (which I’m so getting when we’re back in our own apartment). But then Tim came across CheekyKitchen’s Happy Paleo Granola recipe and I was floored.

We bought the ingredients but made a few little changes:

  • I used raisins instead of cranberries (because I’m not really a fan of cranberries and we had raisins already)
  • I used dates instead of dried blueberries (because every other dried fruit packet had added sugar) 
  • I didn’t use vanilla bean because it was a little too expensive 
  • I didn’t use the pumpkin spice partly because I’ve never had it and in the event I do ended up loving it I have a feeling it’s not available in Australia. 

Despite the changes and accidentally adding a little too much honey, the granola turned out so well! We want to make them last as long as possible so we just add a few spoonfuls to our breakfast and sometimes as a snack. 

I do love granola and I love cooking it even more!

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